Monday, October 1, 2012

Thoughts from Las Vegas Comic Expo

Just got back from a great weekend in Las Vegas for the first Las Vegas Comic Expo.  People have tried to launch shows in Sin City before, but met with little success.  I'd say this time around, they got things right.  There was plenty of talent on hand - Mark Brooks, Philip Tan, Joe Benitez, J. Scott Campbell, JG Jones, Josh Fialkov, Scott Lobdell, Brian Buccellato, Kyle Higgins, Nei Ruffino and plenty of others I am forgetting.  At Aspen, we were front and center (literally) with Peter Steigerwald and Mike DeBalfo working the crowds with sketches and prints.

Just a few thoughts on the weekend:

Comic fans are everywhere!

The love and appreciation for Michael Turner is endless.  No matter where we go, his fans are there.  This weekend in particular, I found myself engrossed in the original pencil work Frank had on hand.  He really was a unique talent.

You really can't put a price on spending quality time with good friends.  Unfortunately, I was stuck with Frank, Mark, and Peter all weekend.  Bam!  Just kidding.  

While there were some at the DC panel who pined for life before the New52, most are enjoying the new status quo.  I never really got the argument that it affects past stories.  That would be like saying the Daniel Craig James Bond movies ruin the Sean Connery days. Different stories, same great characters.  Enjoy one. Enjoy all.

I seriously could care less about fantasy football.  

Not only is The Dark Knight Rises a great soundtrack to write to, but it's also great for the long drive through the desert between LA and Vegas.

And, Under Pressure remains one of my all-time favorite songs.

Video craps at the casinos is a great way to learn the game, especially when playing with a bunch of friends.  It's one of the few games that really fosters a communal experience.  Too much fun...but then again winning would help.  Lady luck punched most of us in the gut that night.  

Two words.  Beef Marrow.

Mary - I thought of a good name for your pet shrimp.  "Crunchy."

It was fun seeing cosplayers out at the show, but even better was watching them work the Strip.  Jokers and Stormtroopers were definitely feeling the love.

Thanks to super fan Marcus who brought by tons of Blackest Night and Brightest Day Green Arrows for me to sign, then promptly picked up every Soulfire volume to date. Hope you enjoy the ride.  It's people like you that allow me to do what I do.

To about 60% of the women at the Cosmopolitan - if I can see your vagina, your skirt might be a tad too short.  

I really don't miss the drunk and stupid days.  I still have a good time (had some great beer at The Public House) but I see the line in the sand.  Unlike those I saw doing a face-plant.  Ouch. 

Never got a chance to say thanks and goodbye to Jimmy Jay - If you see this, thanks man! Can't wait for Amazing Arizona Con in January!

That is all.