Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Captain Atom #8 Cover by Mike Choi
Captain Atom #7 Cover by Mike Choi

For me, Captain Atom is the story about a man losing himself in the almost limitless powers he comes to possess.  Through the opening arc, we've been exploring the different facets of those powers - what incredible things he's been able to do with them, but also the extent to which those powers are distancing him from his world and his own sense of humanity.  Whether it was the ability to absorb energy, manipulate and transform matter at the molecular level, or the side effect of being a human antenna, picking up any and all transmission signals swirling about him. 

Starting in issue 7 we'll be exploring a much larger part of his new life - his future.  As you can tell by the covers, Captain Atom will be coming face-to-face with himself, as we start to tackle the question I got the most after he cured Mikey's cancer in Issue #2.  If he can do that, why doesn't he cure everybody?  Cure the world?  End hungry?  Turn the world and the universe into one big paradise?  Where are the limits of what he can do and what he will do?

In many ways, the second arc is really a continuation of everything we've done so far.  Megala, Ranita, the rat creature, Mikey, the Flash, and even the volcano - it's all part of a big story we set out to tell from day one.  These covers by Mike Choi are only the tip of the iceberg.  I SOOOO wish I could show you some of Freddie's new interior pages.  They are amazing.  I am extremely lucky to be working with him.  The same goes for Jose Villarrubia and his spectacular colors. 

Telling the story of Nathaniel Adam and his evolution into Captain Atom is quickly becoming a favorite story of mine at DC Comics.  And considering the list of characters I've already been able to write for them (Green Arrow, Arsenal, Teen Titans, Batman), that is saying something.  I really hope everyone checks it out.



  1. Fantastic book, man. One of my favorites, and always at or near the top of my read pile in the week it's released. I can't wait to see what the future holds. Keep up the good work!

  2. One of my favourite titles of the 52, each issue is better then the last. Looking forward to seeing where the story is headed (and I really want to know what the heck those numbers mean!)