Monday, March 12, 2012

Captain Atom's Messiah Complex

When Freddie and I first started talking about Captain Atom, the hero's struggle with his powers was always going to be a cornerstone of the book.  How could someone not be changed when they have the limitless powers of a god?  In issue #2, we have him cure cancer in the brain of a young boy named Mikey, and some reacted by asking - how come he doesn't do this all the time?  Cure cancer?  End hunger?  And war?  Save us all from ourselves.  It wasn't a question we were dodging.  It was all part of a grand story running through the first two arcs of the book.  With Issue #7 coming out this month and the cover for #10 in June released today, you can see that the messiah complex issue is going to play a big role.  With the second arc, we will be building on everything that has come before and ratcheting things up by a factor of ten.  You're going to see other Captain Atoms come onto the scene as we deal with time displacement in a way unlike we've seen in a Captain Atom book.  I can't wait for everyone to see what's coming in the months ahead.  

Captain Atom #7

Captain Atom #10
If you haven't tried Captain Atom yet, issue #7 is a great place to jump on, and if you are reading it, then spread the word.  Captain Atom's life is about to get very, very complex. 

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